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Somoplast Overview

Somoplast Industrial Co. was established in 1980. Based in Lebanon's Bekaa, we manufacture a wide range of plastic products. We also have a showroom and a warehouse in Bouchrieh.

During the last three decades, Somoplast made a big step in plastic production:

1980 : Somoplast manufactured more than 50 different shapes & sizes of plastic crates / lids.

1987 : Somoplast launched its garden furniture line.

1993 : Somoplast made its entry into the production of P.E. irrigation pipes.

1996 : Considering customer's needs, Somoplast began manufacturing plastic tanks in different sizes and shapes.

2006 : Started developing PET products such as clumshells, punnets, salad bowls,etc...

2010 : To achieve greater satisfaction, Somoplast began to produce disposable plastic cups, with various shapes and sizes, and has extended its productivity to reach the 4 million cups per day.

Somoplast, for the moment, is undergoing extensive research for the completion of many projects for the near and far future in order to keep up with its industry's competing environment and highest standards.

Tel (zahle):  +961 8 930720

Tel (bauchrieh): +961 1 246261

Fax:  +961 8 930 726