Multipurpose Containers

If you’re looking to differentiate your product’s dispay in an efficient and classy way, then Technopack is the product for you.
Our multipurpose containers are designed to seal tightlty and showcase your product through a clear, odorless and crack free package.


PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate): With its high level of clarity, PETE showcases your products and is a shatter resistant alternative to other packages.
OPS (Oriented Ploystyrene): High clarity and greatly shows your product but unlike PETE, OPS is brittle and could crack easily.
PP (Polypropylene): It is translucent, versatile and highly durable. It’s great for covering your carrots, cucumbers, apples…


Technopack offers an extensive range of packages to accommodate for all your needs.
Use this guide to help you choose the package you need.


Technopack multipurpose containers either have a hinged lid or a separate lid. They are made of highly clear PETE or OPS.

Seperate Lid

Hinged Lid

Heat Sealable Boxes