Hot & Cold Plastic Cups & Lids

Hot & Cold cups

With today’s fast moving world, plastic cups have become not only a need, but a necessity. Whether used for soft drinks, iced coffee, smoothies, cocktails or juices… you will need high quality cups and their proper lids. Your solution is here.

We offer superior high quality plastic cups, keeping your requirements in our mind. We want you to find exactly what you need.
Somoplast cups are available in various plastic materials, suitable for different occasions or price points.


PETE (Polyethylene terephthalate): Has the highest level of clarity, very rigid, safe and shatter resistant and is a great and classy replacement for glass.
PP (Polypropylene): Not as clear as PETE, but still very durable and crack resistant. Can withstand higher temperature than PETE.

All our cups are either clear, translucent or come in solid colors.
Custom printing is available on all cups of all sizes.


All our cups have their proper lids. Some lids may fit a variety of sizes.


Our lids are made of extremely clear PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate), each having its own attribute. State-of-the-art engineering provides first-class lid fit, ensuring a free of spilling and tightly closed cup.


No Slot Lids: These are not perforated, making them more suitable for transportation.
Straw Slot Lids: These have a precut X-shaped slot to accommodate straws.
Dome Lids with straw slot: These are used for crushed ice drinks, fruits or any time the product may go over the rim.
Dome Lids with Wide Hole: For use with fruit cocktails, shakes or drinks requiring the use of soda spoons or large-size straws.
Dome Lids with No Hole: Great for on-the-go applications.


Want your design or brand name printed on your cups?
Technopack’s state of the art machines enable you to print your needs in CMYK and Pantone colors.
All printed goods are treated to make a peal resistant print.


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