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Sauce Cups & Lids

Sauce Cups

With today’s fast moving world, plastic cups have become not only a need, but a necessity. Whether used for soft drinks, iced coffee, smoothies, cocktails or juices… you will need high quality cups and their proper lids. Your solution is here.

We offer superior high quality plastic cups, keeping your requirements in our mind. We want you to find exactly what you need.
Somoplast cups are available in various plastic materials, suitable for different occasions or price points..


PP (Polypropylene): It is translucent, versatile and highly durable and crack resistant. Can hold cold and hot sauces.


All our sauce cups have their proper lids. Some lids may fit a variety of sizes.


PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate): With its high level of clarity, PETE showcases your products and is a shatter resistant alternative to other packages.
OPS (Oriented Ploystyrene): High clarity and greatly shows your product but unlike PETE, OPS is brittle and could crack easily.

State-of-the-art engineering provides first-class lid fit, ensuring a free of spilling
and tightly closed cup.

Sauce Cups

Sauce Cup Lids