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Tanks & Road Dividers

Somoplast is proud to be the leader in plastic tanks manufacturing in Lebanon, also known as polyethylene tanks production.
We cover all sizes and shapes varying from 100 up to 10,000 liters, both vertical and horizontal, in single and multiple layer formats.
Our tanks can be used for water, fuel, acid, caustic and foods & aliments storage.

What advantages do you get from buying our tanks?
10-year warranty on all one-layer tanks.
25-year warranty on all three-layer tanks.
- Excellent stress cracking resistance.
- Excellent chemical resistance.
- Excellent impact resistance.
- Excellent abrasion resistance.
- Excellent rigidity.
- Excellent ultraviolet light stability.
- Manufactured according to FDA regulation “21 CFR 177.1520”.
- Weldable.
- Recyclable.

Horizontal Poly - Tank (3 Layers)

Horizontal Poly - Tank (Top White) (3 Layers)

Horizontal Poly - Tank (1 Layer)

Vertical Poly - Tank (3 Layers)

Vertical Poly - Tank (Top White) (3 Layers)

Vertical Poly - Tank (1 Layer)