Specialty Boxes


Salad Bowls

Looking for a classy way to present your cold and hot gourmet? Technopack has the answer. With our innovative boxes, you can now serve your Mezze proudly.
Whether for your hot soups , Hummus or Fava Beans cooked the Lebanese way, the guide below will help choose the right option.


PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate): With its high level of clarity, PETE showcases your products and is a shatter resistant alternative to other packages.
OPS (Oriented Ploystyrene): High clarity and greatly shows your product but unlike PETE, OPS is brittle and could crack easily.


All Technopack salad bowls have a hinged detachable lid.

ART. 980 - 981 - 982 - 983 - 984

ART. 985 - 986 - 987 - 988

ART. 989 - 989L