Specialty Boxes


Lebanese Gourmet

Looking for a classy way to present your cold and hot gourmet? Technopack has the answer. With our innovative boxes, you can now serve your Mezze proudly. Whether for your hot soups , Hummus or Fava Beans cooked the Lebanese way, the guide below will help choose the right option.


PP (Polypropylene): Can hold cold and hot foods. Gives the box a soft feeling but yet, strong enough to withstand all pressure (i.e.: stacking, delivery boxes, take-outs…)


Technopack Lebanese Gourmet boxes come in Brown or Black colors.
Optional colors available under request.


Technopack made it easier for you. All our Lebanese Gourmet boxes have the same diameter; one lid fits all of the sizes. All lids are made of PP.

ART. 834 - 831 - 832 - 833